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New Poll: Damaged Fresh Food Labels More Difficult to Scan

What grocery retail pros have long suspected, has been proven true: torn, wrinkled or damaged retail labels from the perimeter departments can present significant scanning difficulties for cashiers.

A recent Harris Poll survey of approximately 500 cashiers found that retail labels applied to the containers of food products in the perimeter departments of grocery retail (i.e., meat, fish, deli, bakery, produce, and dairy) were negatively impacting operational efficiencies and the customer experience.

90% of cashiers with experience scanning these types of products believed that reducing the number of hard-to-scan perishable and store perimeter labels would help improve their productivity.

Here are a few additional highlights from cashiers who had experienced scanning issues with labels:

  • 79% said scanning issues are more common with fresh labels than with barcodes on product packaging

  • 32% said scanning issues have resulted in a customer who decided not to purchase an item

  • 76% have experienced a label not reading from the meat/seafood department at least once per shift

For more stats from the survey check out this infographic.

Digimarc will be demonstrating Digimarc Barcode as a means to increase checkout efficiency at the upcoming National Retail Federation (NRF) Conference in New York (Jan. 14-16). You can learn about Digimarc at NRF here.

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